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Beef Feed

Select Beef Feeds

VFS Heifer Developer BV

  • Designed to balance farm-raised forage and grain for developing dairy heifers to freshening
  • Pelleted concentrate featuring 34% all natural protein with 4% from non-protein nitrogen
  • Designed to be fed from 180 days of age or 400# body weight to freshening
  • Contains 400 g of Bovatec per ton to provide 200 mg of Bovatec when fed at 1 pound per head per day
  • Available seasonally with Clarifly
Select Beef Feeds

VFS Select Prime Finisher R250

  • Quality pelleted 30% protein supplement with 10% NPN
  • Designed to be blended with whole corn for feeding dairy beef steers on high energy cattle feeding program
  • Contains 250 g per ton Rumensin for improved feed efficiency
  • Formulated with beet pulp and soybean meal for proper balance of energy, protein, and fiber delivery
  • Fortified with high levels of vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals to ensure maximum performance in cattle on high energy diets
Select Beef Feeds

VFS Select Premium Grower Finisher R400

  • Quality 38% crude protein feedlot cattle supplement
  • Designed to balance rations for growing and finishing cattle
  • Contains a blend of natural proteins as well as 15% equivalent crude protein from non-protein nitrogen
  • Combination of natural protein and the right amount of non-protein nitrogen combined with proper levels of vitamins and minerals provide a balanced supplement for optimal feedlot performance with a forage-based diet

NutreBeef Starter Creep Feed

NutreBeef Starter Creep feed has a balanced formula which contains vitamins and minerals essential for growth and development.

  • Formulated to feed to calves prior to weaning
  • Supplements declining milk availability
  • Feed while the calf is also being fed by the cow to support increased weight gain and growth.

NutreBeef Transition Feed

Whenever calves are subjected to stress, such as during weaning or being transported, the primary goal is to keep them healthy. Transition formula is very palatable and is designed to get cattle eating, bolstering the immune system and aiding digestive health.

  • Very palatable to encourage consumption
  • High fiber content to support digestive health
  • Helps bolster the immune system

NutreBeef Grower/Finisher Feed

NutreBeef Grower/Finisher feed provides supplementation to support growth and development or help improve the body condition of cows any time of the year. The high-energy textured feed is designed to get cattle eating when their appetite is reduced due to stress or weaning.

  • Supports growth after calves have been weaned
  • Designed to help condition and develop calves
  • Balanced for rumen-available protein to support healthy gain

NutreBeef Cubes

NutreBeef Cubes are designed to deliver energy and protein when feeding troughs are not available.

  • Designed to be easily fed on the ground
  • Supplemental protein for all stages of breeding for cows and bulls
  • Feed anytime when additional protein or energy is needed

NutreBeef Cattle Mineral

NutreBeef Cattle Mineral delivers the nutritional support your cattle needs to maximize their potential. It combines excellent palatability with serious nutritional science.By supplementing the ration with NutreBeef Cattle Mineral, you ensure your cattle have everything they need for healthy growth, development and feed efficiency.

  • Contains vital nutrients that may be lacking in your cattle’s forage
  • Highly palatable to encourage consumption

NutreBeef Hi-Mag Mineral

Grass Tetany, the result of magnesium deficiency, is a danger for lactating cows grazing on pasture. Magnesium mineral deficiency is also an issue for cattle feeding on wheat, oats or ryegrass, and cattle feeding on pastures fertilized with high nitrogen levels.

By supplementing the ration with NutreBeef Hi-Mag Mineral, you ensure your cattle have everything they need for healthy growth, development and feed efficiency.

  • Contains vital nutrients that may be lacking in your cattle’s forage
  • Highly palatable to encourage consumption
  • Weatherized to help prevent loss due to wind and rain

NutreBeef Safe-Guard® Dewormer Mineral (Medicated)

Deworming doesn’t have to be hard on you or your cattle. Integrate NutreBeef Safe-Guard® Dewormer Mineral into your existing program to deliver an all-in-one dewormer and free-choice mineral that’s broad-spectrum, proven-effective and ready to save you time and money. No corrals. No chutes. No trailers. It’s deworming done right.

  • Works with existing mineral program
  • Convenient, free-choice application
  • Proven efficacy of Safe-Guard
  • No Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) required